1-2-1 Nutrition Consultations

Before the nutrition consultation

You will be asked to complete and return a 3 day food diary along with a detailed confidential health questionnaire before the initial nutrition consultation.  This helps me to understand your health history, current health concerns,  diet and lifestyle.  I ask that the questionnaire is returned to me approx. 48hrs prior to your first consultation so that I can prepare allowing us to maximise the time we have.

Download a nutrition and health questionnaire here NTQ

Initial consultation

The consultation will last approx. 1hr 30 minutes.  We will have a detailed discussion about your health concerns and establish your goal.  We will also discuss any underlying imbalances and agree the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to help you move towards your goal.

After the consultation

After the consultation a personalised Nutrition Plan detailing the agreed recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes will be sent by email.  You will also be advised of any  supplements or functional tests that are recommended (please note supplements and tests are at additional cost).

Follow up consultations

Follow up consultation are recommended 2-4 weeks following the initial consultation.  They last approx. 45 minutes and include a review of your progress, interpretation of any tests results and any necessary adjustments to your program.

Consulatation fees

Initial consultations will last approx. 90 minutes at a cost of £80

Follow up consultations last approx. 45 minutes at a cost of £50

Depending on your goals and how much help you need to reach them it is likely that you may require more than one consultation and we will discuss your individual needs during your first consultation.

Payment for consultations can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer (made in advance).

Consultations take place at my private nutrition clinic in Broadstairs, Kent or at Hawley Health Centre in Margate.

Follow up consultations can take place via Skype.


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