Well Women Nutrition & Lifestyle Programmes

Well Women programmes are for 3 months, personalised and designed to meet your individual needs to move you closer to your health goals.  The main differences are the level of support I provide. 

My programmes include – 

  • 90 minute initial consultation (Zoom), followed by regular support calls over the 12 weeks (frequency depends on programme)
  • Personalised “Health Optimisation Plan” updated with agreed changes to move you closer to your goals and emailed within 48 hours of  consultations
  • Handouts and information sheets to support lifestyle changes/recommendations around sleep, stress, exercise and mindful eating
  • Meal planning, including recipes and shopping lists (quantity depends on programme chosen)
  • E-book – “Chemicals that could be disrupting your hormone balance and how to avoid them”
  • Accountability and implementation support via email during the programme
  • Personalised supplement recommendations (where appropriate)*
  • Test recommendations and interpretation (where appropriate)*

 *supplements and testing are at additional cost

Available tests include  – 

DUTCH – Dried urine test for comprehensive hormone (includes cortisol, sex hormones and their metabolites) 

Comprehensive Stool Analysis 

Hair Mineral Testing

Thyroid Hormone & Antibodies (TSH, FT4, FT3, TGAb, TPOAb)

Vitamin status – Vitamin D, B12, Folate, Ferritin etc.

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