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“Wendy, you have been brilliant and we couldn’t have done this without your help and guidance! I’ve lost weight and feel much better, thank you so much”  (Karen R)

“Seeing you has literally changed my life! Feeling so much healthier, more energised and I get comments all the time about how well I look!”    (Lucy S)

Manage your Menopause On-Line Course

Learn how nutrition and lifestyle can help you manage your menopause symptoms, lose weight, improve energy levels, reduce hot flushes and feel happier.       

I run my 4 week on-line course 3 times a year which takes place in a private Facebook group.  Don’t worry if you prefer not to use Facebook , links to all the videos and all materials can be sent my email. 

  • Meal plans and recipes
  • Foods to focus on to support your hormones
  • How stress, sleep and exercise impacts your menopause
  • The impact of toxins on your hormone balance
  • Weekly Q&A session live in Facebook
  • Invite to join a closed Facebook group where you get support from me and the other like minded ladies on the course

Bonus Extras

Exclusive discount for supplements purchased from The Natural Dispensary

 Special offers on hormone and hair mineral tests

10% off a 12 week personalised nutrition programme 


Manage your Menopause On-line Course = £99